Dog Day Afternoons & Dogs @ SKRSL in General


Dog Day Afternoon happens every Saturday from 2pm, there are some exceptions to this, for example, Anzac Day (25 April) 2020 and when we have other events that might make it unsafe for pups and their owners, we will always try to let you know well ahead of time, when dog day is not on. However most Saturdays of the year its a go, so bring you pups, enjoy the green, have wine, a beer or whatever takes your fancy. 

Condition of Entry - Updated August 2021

  1. You must be a financial member of an RSL to bring your dog to the club premises during bar open hours ( private hire arrangements excluded).

  2. Dog are welcome at the club during Bar Open Hours, but must be on-leash at all times ( private hire arrangements excluded).

  3. Dogs are allowed off-leash ONLY during SKRSL Dog Day events (private hire arrangements excluded).

  4. Please Sign In with your Dog, regardless of membership status.

  5. We ask you to respect other dogs and their owners and provide adequate control of your dog if it is causing annoyance.

  6. Your Dog is YOUR responsibility, we ask to clean after your dog, bags are provided.

  7. Your dog must be supervised at all times.

  8. You are liable for the actions of your dog. Any damage/harm to people, other dogs or property is the responsibility of the dog owner(s).

  9. Should your dog be a disturbance, nuisance or exhibit aggressive behaviour, management has the right to ask for you and your dog to leave and to ban your dog from future attendance at the club.


By entering these premises with you dog, you agree to these rules, responsibilities and liabilities.